How to serve tables
How to serve tables

We are one but we are two–we are two but we are one within the signature, a collaboration, a production phase, a setting, within and towards the world. Hammann von Mier is in constant shift, outputs are temporary results of an ongoing self-definition related to the tasks, strategies and possibilities of being an artist. These investigations are accordingly translated into the aesthetic format of an exhibition or acted out in public events and collaborations.

Fixed setting, easy game development, self-conquest We use training as a term for a recurring method in our collaboration which gives rhythm to the artistic output. Training as an intense phase of action within a fixed setting: pre-determined or self-determined arrangements, situations or locations create frames in which we unfold inherent potentials, the material of our engagement. On the one hand, this approach is a playful one without a pre-determined goal. Training implies overcoming inertia, starting to move via handling material, via orientation within a given space and via the reciprocal movements of two players. On the other hand it contains an implicit challenge towards a new approach, a new piece of work. A repetitive physical act as a form of investigation or production. Push it.

We work so much and work so much and yet somehow there's hardly anything that remains materially... what are we doing? Make something out of nothing. A specific location gives and retains the main material to work with. We incorporate the space with precise interventions, minimal conceptual and excessive mechanical–plaster/render/paint/grind down. The space defines the content, the content defines the space. Our installations include sculptural, graphical and performative elements in mutual relation. Generating links between objects, space and context is our interest.

Construction. Reconstruction. Extension. Consistently objects, imagery, moves or terms are being picked up and applied to new forms, functions and correlations. We keep our objects alive through constant translation into different forms, we don't stick with one single medium. A plastic, a video, a performance, a publication, a poster, a print, a website, a garment are logical forms resulting from the idea behind. The translation of a motif into another medium dissolves the absolute status and perception of a single object. It aims towards an abstract system of things that can affect and refer to each other. Existing pieces of work are potential material for future works.

Trust the uncertainty of that which is without reference... we are not performers, nor sculptors, nor publishers... We do not remain focused on one subject, we work without clear-cut references, we think without a banister. This is our demand for autonomy. The publishing house for artist books as a self-organized and constant space, an independent format in which collaboration is possible and desirable. It mirrors our attitude as artists in active relation to the world. Starting as a formal representation of this idea, our logo has become a constantly reappearing graphical element throughout our work. Hammann von Mier is an autonomous, uneconomic brand, which incorporates what Hammann von Mier should become. Hammann von Mier will be the Gesamtwerk.

Stefanie Hammann and Maria von Mier have been working together under the name of Hammann von Mier since 2012 and in 2013 founded the publishing house for artist books of the same name which is part of their artistic practice.


Stefanie Hammann and Maria von Mier have been working together as a duo under the name Hammann von Mier since 2012. Reflections on the conditions of collaboration form a recurring subject in their work. We are on but we are two – we are two but we are one. The emphasis in their work is on sculpture: sculpture itself, as well as graphical and performative elements form – via overlap and mutual references – installations which are specific to their location and the space they inhabit. The term “player” serves to underline the function of both artists as performers.


A setting describes the specific conditions of space and time as well as existing parameters such as the subject of an exhibition or the format of presentation (exhibition, talk, book fair, etc.). The respective setting determines particular starting points and/or fields of movement for action.


An intense work phase within a fixed setting is called “training“. The term implies a ”beginning to move“ and is characterised by a mutual exchange; both players are active at the same time. On the one hand this approach is of a playful nature, trying out different tools and skills without a pre-determined goal. On the other hand, it implies a certain challenge, a striving towards achievement, an expectation.


Branding describes the process of a ceaseless self-identification and handling of signs as codes or graphical symbols. Typography of the name as image. Graphical images as representation.

  • Upcoming: Die ersten Jahre der Professionalität 36, April 26–May 21, Galerie der Künstler, Munich

Hammann von Mier is a collective of two visual artists based in Munich, Germany. Its founders, Stefanie Hammann and Maria von Mier, have been working together as a duo since 2012. In 2013, they established Hammann von Mier Verlag, a publishing house for artist books.
Stefanie Hammann and Maria von Mier graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 2015. In 2016 they were awarded a US-travel-grant for visual artists by the Federal State of Bavaria, which allows them to travel the US for 6 months.


Awards / grants / residencies:

  • Residency at Popps Packing, Detroit, USA (2016)
  • Erwin und Gisela von Steiner Stiftung studio stipend (2016 – 2021)
  • USA-scholarship of the Bavarian States Ministry (6 months, 2016)
  • Grant of the City of Munich for a project in Los Angeles, USA (2016)
  • Grant of the Prinzregent-Luitpold-Stiftung (2015)
  • DAAD Grant for the participation in the educational and artistic research
    programme Survival Kit, Athens/Munich (2015 – 2016)
  • Debütantenförderung of the Bavarian States Government (2015)
  • Leonhard und Ida Wolf-Gedächtnispreis, City of Munich (2014)
  • Residency, Kunstraum München (1 month, 2013)
  • Grants of the LfA Förderbank Bayern and the Akademieverein e.V. for
    various artist books (2012 – 2016)

Solo shows:

  • New Tribals, Popps Packing, Detroit, USA (2016)
  • Branding (RMX), Metropolitan Structures NYC, USA (2016)
  • Preview, Debütantenausstellung, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, GER (2015)
  • pause/play diploma show, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, GER (2015)
  • Sommerresistenz, Kunstraum, Munich, GER (2013)
  • Sandy’s Books’n’Burgers, AkademieGalerie, Munich, GER (2013)


  • Der gemixte Stier, Spike, Berlin, GER (2016)
  • HVM VMH, die Hyperkapitalismus, Kammerspiele, Munich, GER (2015)
  • Double Feature, km.codex, Kunstverein München, Munich, GER (2014)

Selected group shows:

  • Tacker, Galerie der Künstler, Munich, GER (2016)
  • Upstream Edition 2016, easy!upstream, Munich, GER (2016)
  • Notel Prinzregent, Hotel Prinzregent, Munich, GER (2016)
  • Reality Through Fiction, circuits + currents, Athens, GR (2015)
  • Survival, Plan_Raum für Kunst, Hamburg, GER (2015)
  • Showcase, Schmitz‘ Katze / Stiftung Federkiel, Munich, GER (2015)
  • Jahresgaben, Galerie FOE, Munich, GER (2014)
  • Preview, Galerie FOE, Munich, GER (2014)
  • Un Euro, Place de Anneessens 1, Brussels, BEL (2014)
  • Jahresgaben, Kunstverein München, Munich, GER (2013)
  • Festival of Independents, Haus der Kunst, Munich, GER (2013)
  • New World Monkeys, Maximilianstraße 33, Munich, GER (2013)
  • CollaborationSymposium_, Schaustelle, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, GER (2013)
  • Rumore, Klasse Metzel, Villa Romana / Le Murate, Florence, IT (2012)
  • Super Ecke, Kunstpavillon, Munich, GER (2012)


(webshop coming soon)

  • Off, artist: Jan Erbelding, interview: Jan Erbelding, Max Grau, 80 p. (2016)
  • Fragmente und Abspaltung, artist: Matthias Glas, 60 p. (2016)
  • WORK WORK WORK, artist: Hammann von Mier, design: Schultz Wiegand 206 p. (2016)
  • Un Bar Overnight Highspeed No4, artist: Hammann von Mier, 32 p. (2015)
  • F N A, artist: Angela Stiegler, 160 p. (2015)
  • Wie vorher / Wie damals / Wie wann es brennt / Genau so, artist: Paula Leal Olloqui, 160 p. (2015)
  • Preview Overnight Highspeed No3, artist: Hammann von Mier, 20 p. (2015)
  • pause/play, artist: Hammann von Mier, 20 p. (2015)
  • Night Tales, artist: Johannes Tassilo Walter, text: P.S. Thor, 18 p. (2014)
  • TWO Overnight Highspeed No2, artist: Hammann von Mier, 32 p. (2014)
  • H&M catalogue, concept by Hammann von Mier, text: Daniel Pies, 60 sheets (2014)
  • Die Chronologie der Zelle, artist: Matthias Glas, curated by Hammann von Mier, 106 p. (2014)
  • Projektion auf die Krise. Gauweilereien in München, artist: Philipp Gufler, 72 p. (2014)
  • Success Overnight Highspeed No1, artist: Hammann von Mier, 20 p. (2013)
  • H&M Poster Book, artist: Hammann von Mier, 50 sheets (2013)
  • 12345678910 Days in New York + the whole fucking storm story, artist: Hammann von Mier, interviews: Arleen Schloss, Peter Kogler, Tony Oursler, 100 p. (2013)
  • Eine Runde Sache, artist: Klasse Metzel, text: Leo Lencses, 20 p. (2012)
  • Rumore, artist: Klasse Metzel, text: Angelika Stepken, Kathrin Neusser, 80 p. (2012)
  • 2einhalb Tage Wien, artist: Hammann von Mier, 62 p. (2012)


Curriculum Vitae (1.64 MB) Construction. Reconstruction. Extension. by K. Stakemeier (1.71 MB) Portfolio (7.62 MB)